Bitcoin drops, Shiba Inu rival Floki Inu price rises

bitcoin price It has been in great fluctuation lately. The locomotive of the crypto money market is taking the altcoin market with it with a big drop. However Elon Musk‘of shiba inu acting on the name of the breed dog Floki Inuseems unaffected by this decline. In this sense Floki Inu price today 40 percent showed an increase.

‘Crypto’ touch to LA Lakers!

Staples Center gave championships to Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Lebron James and many other stars. The name of the iconic hall is now history.

Why did Floki Inu rise? Where is the Bitcoin price headed?

bitcoin price this is for 60 thousand dollars the drooping movement crypto market negatively affected. Real estate giant that declared bankruptcy in China Evergrande, Bitcoin drop iChina lit the first fuse. In this period 69 thousand dollars Cryptocurrency rising up 52 thousand dollars even saw it. If today 56 thousand dollars with 59 thousand dollars continues behind it.

Despite all this negative picture Floki Inu price approximately forty percent increased. An agreement made in India has a large share in this. one of the biggest football clubs in india Kerala Blasters FC agreement was made with Accordingly, the successful football club Floki Inu will use his logo on the sleeves of the jerseys. There is also the possibility that this sponsorship deal will become even larger.

Floki Inu price is up 40 percent in the last 24 hours

Floki Inu price for today 0.00021 levels and started to try 22 levels. Cryptocurrency’s highest value 0.00034 levels. Floki Inu price reached this value at the beginning of this month. shiba inu inspired by the project Floki Inu It has big goals such as being among the top 10 coins of the crypto money market.

Floki Inu, first Elon Musk shiba inu He showed himself after naming his dog Floki. At that time, there was a huge increase in cryptocurrencyhas been following a fluctuating course for a long time.

Floki Inu is looking to sit in a different place from other meme coins. Accordingly, the cryptocurrency project has three main service projects. The first of these Valhalla known as a NFT game metaverse project. In this way, Floki tries to step into the world of Metaverse and get its share from this technology. Another project is FlokiPlaces An NFT and merchandise market known as The third project is Floki InuversitA content/educational platform known as y.

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