Bitcoin Comment from Famous Millionaire Robert Kiyosaki: Not Tomorrow, Now!

Famous millionaire Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, explained why the right time to side with Bitcoin (BTC) is now, not tomorrow.

Robert Kiyosaki, who hinted that tomorrow may be too late for Bitcoin investment in your post, made remarkable statements. Shown as the best guarantee of the world and the USA 1 month Treasury Billof 100 basis points that you rise Pointing to this situation, Kiyosaki collapse of the banking system interpreted as.

When is the right time to choose safe havens like Bitcoin, Gold and Silver? right now Emphasizing that he is a millionaire, he detailed his ideas with the following statements:

The 1-month Treasury Bill, touted as the “best collateral” in the world, rose 100 basis points. Does this mean that the world banking system has collapsed? My god! That’s too much, even for all the experts recommending a 1-month Treasury Bill. Now is the time to defend Gold, Silver and Bitcoin, not tomorrow!

Stating that the USA had to print trillions of dollars in order to combat the current financial crisis, the millionaire said that the dollar would lose value and that Bitcoin would lose its value. 2025 until the year 500,000 dollars claimed to reach that level.

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