Bitcoin Comment from Bitstamp CEO: “If This Happens, Price Will Go Up”

Jean-Baptiste Grafieaux, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, thinks that a new bull market may be seen in the coming months.

Speaking to CNBC, Bitstamp CEO evaluated the future performance of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general.

Peoples “Because of the war and inflation in Ukraine, we are moving away from some assets like cryptocurrencies” Grafieaux believes that this situation may change in the opposite direction.

According to Grafieaux If there is a positive change in the war in Ukraine and global inflation, this in the next few months It can also make the bitcoin price move upwards.

In addition, since the day we entered 2023, some They are starting to see positive signals. Speaking of a potential bull market, Bitstamp CEO said:

“Institutional investors are showing more and more interest in the (crypto) space, which gives us some relief. banks, asset managers, mutual funds, to enter this area quickly to catch the next bull run. they are working. This run Is it this year or next year? question mark. But I, likely to arrive within the next two years. I’m thinking.”

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