Bitcoin Comment After Rise From Big Tesla Investor: Like a Cockroach!

Ross Gerber, CEO of investment company Gerber Kawasaki and one of Tesla’s major investors, said that Bitcoin (BTC) will return to the old days, pointing to its rise to $ 23 thousand again after a long time.

Ross Gerber made a statement on his official social media account on January 22. in sharingBitcoin 23 thousand on the dollar to the old days He said he’d be back. The CEO has made Bitcoin known for its resilience to many conditions in nature. “to the cockroach” likened it.

Bitcoin is challenging those who are sure to die as it reaches $23,000. It’s like a cockroach, it comes back every time.

Known for his Bitcoin advocacy in the crypto money market, Gerber has received a great deal of attention from users on social media. support is welcomed. Some users use Gerber as the popular server and anti-Bitcoin. to Jim Cramer against Bitcoin ranks advocate described as.

According to Coinecko data in the last 30 days of 35% Bitcoin, which gained value over the last 24 hours %one depreciating 22.711 traded in dollars.

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