Bitcoin Challenge May Rise To All-Time High After This Update

The mining difficulty level on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain could reach an all-time high with this weekend’s update.

The difficulty level, which represents how difficult it is to generate new blocks on the Bitcoin network, will be updated with the next update. Up 4.10% to 39.1 trillion can reach.

Mining in the update earlier this year 3.59% simplified and difficulty level to 34 trillion had regressed. This number is ahead of the update over the weekend. 37.5 trillion level.

The mining difficulty in the Bitcoin blockchain, which works with the proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism, hash rate properly, every 2,2016 blocks (approximately every 2 weeks) is updating. The purpose of this update is to 10 minute block excavation time to protect.

According to current data, Bitcoin miners are currently in total 269.02 EH/s has a hash rate. Besides, the average block mining time on the blockchain is 9 minutes and 4 seconds.

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