Bitcoin Bullish Signal: Big Exit of 34,000 BTC from Exchanges

According to the latest data from On-Chain analytics firm Santiment, 34,723 Bitcoin (BTC) exited the exchanges on September 30.

Santiment shared on his official Twitter account. in the shipment, September 30 from stock markets on 34,723 Bitcoin exited and when there are so many Bitcoin exits from the latest exchanges, the price It has increased by 22% in 4 weeks. reported.

According to data from Coinglass, Bitcoin has historically shown a bullish performance in the last quarters of the year. Bitcoin, which experienced an increase of about 40% in October last year, and in October of this year, we left behind. A 1.17% drop in a 3-day period performed.

Except for 2018 and 2019, Bitcoin, which has risen almost every year in the last quarter, is the most experiencing the rise if the moon November it seems to be. from stock markets experienced your exit if for this reason likely to be realized.

Bitcoin, which has been moving in a very low range for about 2 weeks, has recently determine the direction Waiting. Many commentators and analysts are skeptical that if Bitcoin moves to the upside $28,000 levels will target, in case of a downward voluminous movement. to the region of 14,000- 16,000 He thinks he can go.

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