Bitcoin (BTC) Solved Thanks to Tracking: 200,000 People Defrauded $ 3.9 Million

Described by London police as “Britain’s biggest fraudulent operation ever”, the investigation was resolved thanks to monitoring of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions via the blockchain.

According to the statement made by the London police, the scam site iSpoofwithin a period of 20 months $3.9 million hit and then disappeared. Because of this scam system, only about approx. 200,000 people affected specified.

iSpoof, Founded in December 2020 and at its peak to 59,000 users owned and allowed them to pay for crimeware using Bitcoin; fees per month 150 to £5,000 varied between

Authorities used to pay for iSpoof’s services. bitcoin by monitoring the records Scotland Yard’s Cyber ​​Crime Unit He stated that he found the locations and identities of the suspects more easily. According to the police report, these payment histories tracked on the blockchain by the Cyber ​​Crime Unit, a critical role in the success of the operation played.

The victims were able to show their phone numbers to their victims in different ways, thanks to the technology they used. Especially “you are wanted by the bank, if you do not pay this debt, there will be a foreclosureTargeting the victims with statements such as ”, the gang caused great damage. According to the records, a victim 3 million pounds at a time lost to the swindler gang. In the light of the data, the victims average loss value of £10,000 was recorded as.

by the attackers 10 million different scam searches carried out. These calls 40% USAto users in 35% is EnglandIt was intended for users in . remaining 25% share spread to different parts of the world.

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