Bitcoin (BTC) Mobility Has Begun Again: There’s a Sudden Leap!

Bitcoin (BTC) The price made a new jump similar to the upward movement it made last night and rose to approximately $ 18,810 from the $ 18,100 level, where it was withdrawn, and reached the $ 19,000 limit.

Daily price time chart showing the recent spike in BTC price.

Analysts Evaluate the Recent Rise in Bitcoin

Evaluating the recent rise, analyst Rekt Capital said:

“BTC is currently up +21% from the ~$15500 low.

Thus, it broke above summer 2022 lows.

It is now very close to revisit the ~$19470 level, which served as support for a few months before turning bearish. BTC did not turn this level into a resistance after it broke, so it is possible that this level is resisting the price.”

However, another analyst, il Capo, showed a more bearish sentiment, claiming that this rise was a “bull trap”.

Analyst Michaël van de Poppe explained the reason for the rise in BTC price as follows:

“All liquidity has been pulled above the peaks and that’s why we’ve gained momentum.

The question is whether we will continue to rise towards $20-21,000 or whether we will calm down for Bitcoin.”

Daily chart showing the parallel rise in ETH price with BTC.

On the other hand, for Ethereum, which showed a similar rise and rose above $ 1,400 again, traderSZ said:

“The $1,420 level is showing major resistance. If this level is exceeded, there may be a level of $ 1,680. But I think if there is to be a pullback, it will be at this level.”

*Not investment advice.

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