Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer Cyber ​​Attacked!

Crypto industry’s largest Bitcoin ATM General Bytes, one of its manufacturers, announced that a number of machines have been cyberattacked as a result of a security breach.

General Bytes founder Karel Kyovsky stated in a statement that the hacker installed his own Java application on some Bitcoin ATMs. Acting cleverly, the hacker obtained the key addresses used by customers when transacting through fake software.

The Bitcoin ATM manufacturer found that the cyber thief had embezzled $1.5 million worth of cryptocurrencies until the vulnerability was discovered.

“We have issued a statement so that our customers can protect their personal information. All our customers using our ATM service should change their information to protect their digital assets.”

The crypto machine maker said that BTC is not the only one among the lost tokens; XRP, BUSD, ISLAND, DAI, DOGE, TRON He also stated that altcoins such as hackers were embezzled by hackers.

Cloud Service Also Stopped!

Apart from a simple ATM attack, General Bytes also detected a vulnerability in cloud services. The company has decided to stop the cloud service immediately.

The crypto ATM issuer has more than 15,000 machines in 149 different countries. General Bytes announced that it was exposed to a cyber attack last August. The loss in 2022 was limited to just $16,000.

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