Bitcoin Approval From Brazilian People!

While the Central American country El Salvador’s acceptance of Bitcoin as a legal currency maintains its warmth, according to the results of the survey conducted in Brazil, the Brazilian people also approach Bitcoin positively.

According to a recent survey of people over the age of 18, 48% of Brazilians said they support Bitcoin as a legal currency.

While 21% of respondents strongly disagreed with the idea of ​​Bitcoin as a legal currency, 30% said they neither opposed nor fully supported it.

When asked whether the cryptocurrency industry is making progress in Brazil, 31% of respondents said that progress has been made, while 35% said they are behind compared to other countries.

55% of Brazilians investing in cryptocurrencies stated that their aim is to diversify their investments, 39% to protect themselves from inflation and financial instability, and 37% to follow the technology trend.

While the rate of Brazilians who said they would not invest in cryptocurrencies in 2020 was 33%, this rate dropped to 12% in 2021.

It seems that the cryptocurrency market continues to grow in Latin America and this trend will continue in the coming years.

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