Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Statements from the Analyst: “The Real Bull May Come On This Date”

Cryptocurrency Analyst Smiley Capital shared his evaluations about Bitcoin and the general cryptocurrency market in his post on Twitter.

According to Smiley Capital, the cryptocurrency market will not hit all-time highs this year, but will show a more bullish outlook for late 2024.

The analyst believes that only a particular basket of altcoins will perform rotationally and that most of the scam coins will return to their lows when the overall market experiences a deep correction.

The analyst argues that the market is still far from a true “bull market” and that BTC will outperform ETH and other major coins until the appropriate “late cycle” hype.

Smiley Capital said in its statement that it expects a date for the bull market towards the mid or late 2024-2025 period.

Finally, Smiley Capital warns investors to exit the market slowly, quietly and tactically once celebrities start advertising for cryptocurrencies again and the crypto market becomes mainstream.

According to the analyst, this could be the last opportunity before the cryptocurrency space becomes a tech industry within the S&P500.

*Not investment advice.

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