Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Statement from the White House: Biden Administration Will Set Priorities!

The White House shared a roadmap on Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency regulations, and it was stated that the Biden administration will publish a “list of priorities” in the coming months.

In a statement released by the White House on January 27, cryptocurrencies-related A roadmap was included to reduce risks. Presenting a two-way picture of the future, the paper states that consumers are more likely to buy cryptocurrencies. information programs to help them understand their risks. While the Biden administration is talking about the issue in the coming months, “list of priorities” it will be published.

Management will release a list of research and development priorities for digital assets in the coming months, helping to protect consumers.

The first element in the roadmap is based on reports released in September last year and presented by President Biden in March. Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets became the subject. The element stated in the report, which states that this comprehensive executive order is to reduce the risks of cryptocurrencies by law, guiding the continuation of the process will be emphasized.

As the second element, the roadmap, which mentions that executive institutions increase sanctions and new guidelines are published, included regulations in the banking sector in particular, and these institutions were encouraged to continue their efforts.

The statement offered a wish-list of actions the administration would like to see from Congress.Congress needs to step up its efforts” was stated:

Regulatory regulations should not give the green light for mainstream entities such as pension funds to enter the cryptocurrency markets directly. If such actions are limited, the spread of turmoil in cryptocurrencies to the wider financial system can be prevented. We need to make this effort more comprehensive.

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