Biontech vaccine for children is likely to arrive earlier than planned – US drug agency recommends approval of corona funds from Merck

the The German Medical Association has spoken out in favor of a general compulsory corona vaccination. “A very high vaccination rate is the only way to get out of the lockdown endless loop with massive psychosocial collateral effects, especially for children and adolescents,” said a letter from the Presidium to the participants in the federal-state deliberations on Tuesday.

The federal government must immediately create legal regulations for a constitutionally guaranteed vaccination requirement for all adults who have no medical contraindications. “Anyone who does not comply with the mandatory vaccination must expect noticeable restrictions when participating in public and commercial life.”

The head of the German Medical Association around President Klaus Reinhardt also warns in the letter: “In order to prevent an acute health emergency and avoid lockdowns, every day now counts.” Therefore, the federal and state governments should take immediate measures nationwide. For unvaccinated people would have extensive contact restrictions come in the private, professional and public sectors. For those who have been vaccinated and recovered, they can be found in bars, restaurants, during sports activities and at cultural events indoors additional protection requirements are necessary. Large outdoor events such as concerts or sporting events are to be prohibited or must take place without spectators. Due to the increasing number of infections, including among children and adolescents, a mask requirement in class is unavoidable.

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