BioNTech Acquires Artificial Intelligence Company InstaDeep

German pharmaceutical giant BioNTech has acquired UK-based artificial intelligence technologies company InstaDeep for $680 million. BioNTech will use the company’s resources in artificial intelligence-supported drug development projects.

BioNTech, whose name we hear frequently with Covid-19 during the pandemic period, with the Covid-19 vaccines it produces. saved millions of lives. In fact, Uğur Şahin, the CEO of the company, made a statement last year with the support of the Gates Foundation. that they will start laboratory tests of tuberculosis and malaria vaccines had explained.

Today, the German healthcare giant BioNTech, an artificial intelligence technologies company of Tunisian origin but headquartered in the UK, announces acquisition of InstaDeep. So, for what purpose will BioNTech, a pharmaceutical company, use artificial intelligence?

InstaDepp becomes BioNTech’s biggest investment

Founded in 2014, InstaDeep launched last January. received an investment of $100 million and took its place among the big artificial intelligence companies. Mainly to be used in the fields of biology, logistics and energy producing custom artificial intelligence systems The company was seen as a company with high potential. In the statement made on the official site of InstaDeep today, it was announced that the company was purchased by BioNTech for a total of 680 million dollars (12,770,984,800 TL).

Out of the $438 million in cash and BioNTech shares, the remaining $200 million will go to InstaDeep as per the agreement. will be paid based on future performance. Although the deal is not fully known in detail, an official statement was made about why InstaDeep was purchased.

Artificial intelligence will discover drugs and vaccines

So what will a pharmaceutical company like BioNTech do if they buy InstaDeep? According to the statement, the German pharmaceutical giant is using the innovative technologies of InstaDeep. will discover, test and develop new drugs with artificial intelligence. Developing drugs for specific diseases is a very long and difficult process, and all possible alternatives must be tried and tested one by one. This causes the test phases of drugs to prolong for months, sometimes even years. Here’s BioNTech using the artificial intelligence of InstaDeep. aims to shorten the testing process and accelerate the discovery of new drugs.


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Although BioNTech has announced that it will use artificial intelligence and machine learning in drug development and testing, it has announced when this new technology will start to be used. But it seems very soon artificial intelligence will start to produce even our medicines.

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