Bing Discovered A Vulnerability That Puts All Users In Danger

Cybersecurity experts researching Microsoft Azure discovered a vulnerability affecting Bing. Thanks to this vulnerability, both Bing’s search results can be manipulated and Microsoft users’ accounts can be accessed.

Microsoft, which has invested millions of dollars in OpenAI, announced that it has brought artificial intelligence support to many applications and software, especially Bing. In addition to these software, constantly evolving and increased question capacity. A critical vulnerability has been detected in Bing.

White-hat hackers trying to push Bing’s limits, even though Bing’s search results can change. They discovered a vital vulnerability that allowed all Microsoft accounts to access their information.. Moreover, you can even accidentally discover this vulnerability while tampering with Microsofft Azure.

You can effortlessly read e-mails of all users around the world.

One of the white hat hackers of Wiz, one of the prominent cyber security companies of recent years. Hillai Ben-Sasson and his team while researching Microsoft’s Azure systems “Bing Triviadiscover a setting where they can control a system called . Activating Bing Trivia, the team states that the system can be used to modify Bing’s search results. Ben-Sasson and his team, using this software originally created to instantly fix bugs in Bing, also encountered a much more serious vulnerability.

Examining the data Bing sent, the team noticed that strangely, the new Bing uses Office 365’s communication systems. Researchers who examine this system closely, using this network, use a tiny data to be taken from the computer of the person they want. to Outlook emailsto your calendar, To Teams messagesrealized that they can access OneDrive files and even Word files.

Fortunately, Microsoft immediately closed the gap.

Documenting the information they obtained and their suggestions for closing the vulnerability, Ben-Sasson and his team sent an e-mail to Microsoft, stating that they explained the situation and received feedback that the vulnerability was fixed within a few hours. Also, Ben-Sasson confirmed that the gap has been closed.


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Microsoft officials gave the team a $40,000 award, while Ben-Sasson was the recipient of this award. announced that it will be donated to charities. This critical vulnerability, which can endanger the personal data of many users, It was closed without being discovered by malicious people.

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