Binance To Delist 5 Trading Pairs: Price Of 2 Altcoins Crashed!

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it will delist 5 trading pairs from spot transactions.

Binance In an official statement on Wednesday, January 25, Aion (AION)Cosmos (ATOM), Bitshares (BTS), Selfkey (KEY) and Ooki Protocol (OOKI) some trading pairs for spot announced that it will delist from the transactions.

According to the statement, Binance ATOM for BRL; for AION and BTS BTC; for KEY and OOKI ETH will remove its currency pair from spot trades.

Binance, UT 27 January at 06:00 AION/BTC, ATOM/BRL, BTS/BTC, KEY/ETH, OOKI/ETH will delist trading pairs from spot trades.

At the end of the transaction, investors AION and BTS for only USDT; OOKI for USDT and BUSD; KEY for BTC and USDT; ATOM if for USDT, BUSD, TRY, BRL, BNB ETH and BTC will be able to continue trading in parities.

According to CoinGecko data, very few parities can continue to be traded on Binance. AION and BTS experienced serious declines. In the last 24 hour period AION 11.3% experiencing a decline 0.0319 While trading at the dollar, BTS 8.8% experiencing a decline 0.0102 traded in dollars.

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