Binance Restriction from British Bank to Customers

UK-based bank Nationwide Building Society has restricted payments made by users to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

In the announcement published on the official website of Nationwide, it has announced that it has restricted the payment transactions made to Binance by debit card. The bank as the reason for the decision news in the media And regulatory uncertainties. suggested.

In this statement, which is the subject of the news, users No direct transfers to Binance will be allowed. highlighted. In addition, payments made to Binance until further notice was stated to be limited.

However, from Binance to debit card or account to withdrawals no restrictions were imposed. He made the following statements on the official web pages regarding the reason for the restriction:

Our number one priority is and always will be to keep you and your money safe. That’s why we’ve made the decision to restrict card payments to cryptocurrency firm Binance.

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