Binance Released 2022 Year-End Report: What are the Expectations for 2023?

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has published its 2022 year-end report, which includes detailed statistics and developments.

Binance published a detailed report on the innovations it implemented in 2022 and the steps it took to move the industry forward. Security, arrangement and compatibility In the report, which focuses on the headlines, FTX Constructive attitudes towards the difficult 2022 year, including its bankruptcy, were included.

Stating that they continue to set an example for the industry, Binance detailed the introduction of the report with the following sentences.

Looking ahead, Binance is on a solid footing and is financially healthy. We innovate, listen to our users and set an example. After the cascading events that shook the foundation of our industry, we showed resilience and immediately focused on rebuilding confidence in the blockchain ecosystem and its potential to improve people’s lives.

Security, Regulation and Compliance

Stating that creating a safe environment for the ecosystem is their priority, Binance said that the steps to be taken in this direction are He stated that it lays the foundation for the path to mass adoption of crypto and blockchain. Last year “our actions spoke for us” In the report, which includes the statements of License in 14 different regions, registration and confirmation he was reminded. In addition, Binance has recruited the best talents in the industry for this security step, and 500% growth rate was emphasized. However, it was underlined that Binance strengthened its partnership with law-making institutions in 2022 and spearheaded more than 70 workshops on crypto, blockchain and combating digital financial crimes.

Billions of dollars spent on the industry

While it was stated that one of the most important steps taken in the past year was the launch of a proof-of-reserve (PoR) system. 128 million users Designed to protect users in emergencies Secure Asset Fund (SAFU) of the value 1 billion dollars recalled that it was removed.

Pointing out many crypto money projects that went bankrupt in 2022, Binance said, “For these projects,become victims of events beyond their control” he said. Binance, which wants to eliminate this grievance and heal the wounds of the industry, last year industry recovery fund under the name of 1 billion dollars additional balance sheet has been activated. On the other hand, according to the details Binance Labs through Web3 and blockchain innovation to support More than 500 million dollars investment done.

The report reminded that while major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and and companies outside the sector are making serious layoffs, Binance has increased hiring.we swept the world for more talent and increased our total workforce to over 7,500” was highlighted.

“We have not forgotten where we came from”

over the years “at an unexpected pace” It was emphasized that the growing Binance never forgot its starting point and purpose, and it was reminded that there is much more work to be done in the future.

Binance has released its year-end 2022 report “We never forgot where we came from” and promised to continue working for more growth, adoption and innovation in 2023.

At Binance, our core approach will remain the same in 2023: prioritize users, innovate, and lead the industry by example, not words.

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