Binance Lists 3 New Trading Pairs and Supports Ethereum Network Rise

Binance, the world’s largest trading volume, announced that it will list 3 new trading pairs and support Ethereum (ERC20) network upgrade.

Binance, Thursday, June 23 on the platform in a statement on the day It will list 3 new trading pairs. announced. Binance with the trading pairs it will add Gifto (GTO), Synthetix Network (SNX), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Ethereum (ETH) new to owners trading opportunities will know.

According to the statement, investors Friday, June 24th at 13:00from GTO/BUSD, SNX/ETH and WBTC/BUSD will be able to start trading with trading pairs.

Binance supports Ethereum network upgrade

Binance Also, with another statement Ethereum will support network upgrade announced. Network upgrade as per description At block height of 15,050,000 Ethereum will happen. Binance also for users reference On June 29th at approximately 13:43 CESTHe said he’d start in .

Due to network upgrade ETH and ERC-20 for tokens deposit and Do not Pull transactions June 29 at 12:43It will be suspended from ETH and ERC-20 of tokens buying and selling transactions without raising will not be affected.

upgraded network determined when it becomes ETH and ERC-20 for tokens deposit and Do not Pull transactions will reboot.

Also in their accounts ETH and ERC-20 All relevant technical requirements for users holding tokens Binance will undertake.

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