Binance Laundered Money For Russian Stock Exchange? 346 Million Bitcoin Transactions!

It has been claimed that a total of 346 million dollars worth of Bitcoin (BTC) has been transferred to Binance from the Russian crypto money exchange Bitzlato, which has recently been mentioned with money laundering incidents.

Data and analytics firm Chainalysis, according to a report by Reuters. Binance and Bitzlato In the past four years, Bitcoin transfer between With more than 205k transactions close to $346 million revealed.

Looking at the trading volume of Bitzlato, which was investigated by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on January 18, Binance is the largest “opponent” was described as. The darknet market after Binance hydra and a pyramid scheme allegedly based in Russia “The Finiko” is located. on-chain In the news based on the data, it was not included how many million dollars were transferred to the platforms in the second and third place.

Bitzlato, the cryptocurrency exchange of FinCEN, the financial crime fighting unit of the US Treasury Department. Laundering $700 million in assets the amount transferred to Binance, given that he is accused of almost half of the total volume noticed that.

A Binance spokesperson told Reuters on the matter, while Binance has provided all important information needed to international law enforcement to assist in the Bitzlato investigation and is committed to working collaboratively, but declined to provide further details due to the nature of the business.

Reuters finding the statement made in the rest of the news insufficient Binancein the said transactions no evidence of breaking any rules or laws claimed it wasn’t.

On the other hand, a dated Europol In his statement, the founder of Bitzlato Anatoly Legkodymovincluding the 5 people arrested and found to be criminal from $19 million It was declared that many cryptocurrencies were confiscated.

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