Binance Is About to Burn Its First LUNC: Amount of LUNC Burned So Far Approaches 8 Billion

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance is expected to release its Terra Classic (LUNC) burn data tomorrow, which has excited investors. While the supply is decreasing, there is an increase in the volatile movements in the LUNC price.

Binance has announced that transaction fees from all trades of LUNC last week. 0.1%He had announced that he would use it for LUNC burning. In the statement, the value of the amount of LUNC to be burned in Tether (USDT) with blockchain identity It will be announced every week. Binance also calculates LUNC’s total transaction fees. every week on monday and your report every week on tuesday He said it will be published.

The first phase of Binance collecting trading fees for margin and spot LUNC pairs for the burn action ended on October 1. Total so far, according to data provided by 7.7 billion LUNC appears to have been burned. According to the data in question, approx. 300 million LUNCs are burned.

Your total supply 5 trillion Considering that it is considered to be 45 to 55 years can be seen as corresponding to a period of time. The following processes will show whether the decrease in supply will be enough to save LUNC, which has been talked about much and caused great loss to its investors in May.

Coinecko according to the data of the LUNC at the time of writing the news 8%with a decrease of 0.00032 dollars traded in the markets.

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