Binance Evaluates Tough 2022 Year for Bitcoin and Altcoins! Announced its 2023 Expectation!

world’s largest cryptocurrency stock market Bitcoin (BTC) and evaluated the challenging 2022 year for cryptocurrencies.

Published the end of 2022 report Binancesaid that despite all the difficulties experienced, they made significant progress in terms of legislation and harmonization last year.

“2022 has definitely been a tough year for everyone in the blockchain and crypto world, including us.

In the face of great headwinds, we remain committed to prioritizing user experience, products with real value, and most importantly, moving forward on a healthy, sustainable path for the entire industry.

Even though some events that adversely affected our industry came one after another, we resisted them.

We immediately focused on rebuilding confidence in the blockchain ecosystem and its enormous potential to improve people’s lives.”

“We Have Licensed in 14 Regions!”

Stating that they have obtained the necessary licenses in 14 regions throughout 2022, Binance stated that they have increased the number of employees in the security and compliance team by 500% by incorporating the most talented personnel of the industry into the stock market.

Citing six principles published by Binance CEO CZ in 2022, the report stated that these principles offer a way for cryptocurrency exchanges to regain the trust of users and regulators.

Report that also touches on the proof-of-reserve system (PoR) “We have launched a proof-of-reserve system that anyone can use to verify that user funds are held 1:1 on Binance. To protect our 128 million users in an emergency, we have increased the value of our Secure Asset Fund (SAFU) for users to $1 billion again.” it was said.

“We Have Always Supported the Cryptocurrency Industry!”

Report by Binance cryptocurrency While mentioning its support for the sector, the donations made to Ukraine were also cited.

“While other companies inside and outside the crypto world are experiencing massive layoffs and hiring problems, Binance conducted a global search to recruit more talented staff, bringing our total headcount to over 7,500 employees in over 100 different countries.

We have also launched a 10 million BUSD donation and the first-of-its-kind Binance Refugee Crypto Card to address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, among other initiatives.”

“2023 Will Be A Great Year For Crypto!”

Finally, Binance, which also announced its expectations for 2023, used the following statements:

“….Although we have grown at an astonishing rate, we have never forgotten where we started to provide a secure, user-friendly digital asset experience.

While we still have a lot of work ahead of us, we believe 2023 will be a great year of greater growth, adoption and innovation as long as we do the right thing for our users.

At Binance, our basic approach will remain the same: to prioritize users, to produce, and to lead the industry by setting an example, not rhetoric. “

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