Binance Continues to Lose: Market Share at 8-Month Low!

Binance’s market share fell to an 8-month low last month after the CFTC lawsuit and reduced commission trading policy.

The world’s highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange, according to a recent cryptocurrency market overview report by crypto analytics platform CCData. Binance’s none on commission operation program reduction And US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) market share due to the lawsuit filed by with 46.3% 8 months -most low to the level regressed transferred.

Binance in February 2023 57% market share record of the year highest end when reaching the level in 3 months with the successive loss of share spot trading of the volume 218 billion It turned out to be in dollars. On the other hand, Binance’s centralized cryptocurrency exchanges leadership position was declared to be protected. In addition, the US subsidiary of the stock market Binance US to gain market share ongoing and since the beginning of the year 66% One trading volume growth with 10 billion dollar trading volume. 15 billion dollars that you raise underlined.

Binance’s zero commission trading programs of the reduction in spot market share loss on effective was stated. One commenting on the Binance spokesperson, that such declines what they foresee and from this they don’t worry expressed.

On the other hand, yet the uncertainty the CFTC case, which continues to protect the stock market in the country activities And financial structure about the damage net One inference not done. However, the case falling over market share that it is effective many opinions about on the market found its place.

coinbase And OKX just like Binance major Cryptocurrency exchanges are similar to Binance. fate in transaction volumes since the beginning of the year they experience a decline seen. against it South Korea based cryptocurrency exchange Upbit’s market share since the beginning of the year from 2.81% to 4.77% it was revealed.

Binance, past In march compared to the previous month in terms of market share 16% drop had lived.

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