Binance Continues to Expand into New Markets: Licensed to Operate in New Zealand

Binance, the world’s highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange, has been licensed to operate as a financial services provider in New Zealand.

In the announcement sent to Binance customers via email, September 10 in New Zealand on financial service provider aspect Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment reported that it was registered.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao on the subject in the following expressions found:

I think it’s easy to overlook as it’s a smaller market than some, but we think operating in New Zealand is an important value for us. We think New Zealand will be a pioneer for us, we have a lot to learn from it.

In the statements, New Zealand investors can be seen on Binance. spot trading, NFTs and staking reported to be able to access its services.

New Zealand investors on social media announced CEO Changpeng Zhao joyfully welcomed. On the other hand, Filipino investors showed their reactions to the CEO as they have not yet completed their licensing process.

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