Binance CEO’s Message Leaked! What Did He Tell Employees About The SEC Case?

The message of Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, to his employees about his internal chats has emerged.

Binance CEO CZ said in a recent memo to company employees that the stock market with investigators Binance employees for collaborating in-house your private conversations may be presented to the court as evidence. stated.

CEO, for example 5 years talking to each other first two companies employee in court proof correspondence presented as your records arguing that relevant employees to their own reputation And damage to company reputation he said he gave.

The following statements that the duo used while talking to each other drew attention:

BNB could go to zero at any time… We operate an unregistered stock exchange in the US.

CZ as Binance never employee chat logs follow-up or control He didn’t make these conversations himself. first time He said he saw it. The use of these speeches by investigators ugly CEO who says it’s a move of the legal team He said they would let him handle it.

on the other hand from hard times That’s why they’re on Binance to work or who don’t like their job career choice of employees to reconsider He said it might be fine. In the current situation to be passed rugged company for the road committed to mission underlined the need for people.

In addition, employees in difficult times repeating his advice, CZ said that everyone bowing one’s head to speculation away, and customers for continue to build stated that it should. Binance’s efforts that you support reminding CEO, from ethical values And of the principles never wood He stated that they would not give

While some may deliberately choose to ignore it, the truth will prevail. Why we have our values ​​and each other.

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