Binance CEO Speaks About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Regulations: Must Be Compliant!

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) stated that the crypto industry needs regulation, but these regulations should be in line with the nature of cryptocurrencies.

Binance CEO CZ said on his official social media account on January 24. in a post, of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) citing an article he wrote on the time factor in the regulation of cryptocurrency markets. to the regulations made some statements about it. CZ, regulations user security and progress of the industry for necessary While continuing to argue that the regulations compatible with nature drew attention to the importance of

CEO, regulations spherical aspect consistent and Easy going stated that it should be prepared and should not affect the user experience in a difficult way. directly your bans users from regulations far and indifferent to organizations that you can push The remarkable CEO stated that this situation is beyond the expectations of the user. their grievances He said he could create.

digital asset service providers licensed, registered and authorized CZ, who argues that they should be well defined stressed its vital importance. on the other hand multiple functions organizations that fulfill additional regulations and transparency, disclosure requirements. It was also among CZ’s views that it should be subject to

CEO says stablecoins are a big deal for markets importance That’s why you carry take advantage of their potential and market integrity to ensure regulations also stated that it is necessary.

The permitted scope of activity of the regulators as you expand user protection and market integrity will increase. claiming that CZ had previously trade, health, internet and medical industry this samples have been found also conveyed.

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