Binance CEO CZ Says More FUD Is Coming, Shares His Solution

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance, made statements about the news that has spread in recent days and caused panic among investors.

Binance CEO CZ recently shared a social media in your postafter the BUSD news on Bloomberg yesterday for FUD He predicted that more news would spread and wrote “4” indicating that they would be ignored.

Also, a user of Forbes “Binance’s blood loss is accelerating” He quoted a news article titled and tagged CZ, stating:

I thought of answering to clarify some facts, but I’ll answer with “4” instead.

After the user shared this quoting Binance CEO said that from now on, he will apply Article 4 to such news and ignore it.

The number 4 that CZ wrote in the post is actually in a post he shared in the first days of 2023. do’s and don’ts referenced the list. The list in question number 4 In particular, this type of FUD news will be ignored was emphasized.

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