Binance-Backed Altcoin Takes Off In The Last 3 Days: Here’s The Reason For The 3x Rise!

Binance-backed metaverse project Highstreet (HIGH) took off after CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ)’s future-oriented statements and gained nearly 250% in value in the last 3 days.

Although the cryptocurrency market performed well overall throughout January, some altcoins came to the fore more with the rises. One of them is the Binance-supported metaverse project with its sudden rise performance in recent days. highstreetbecame the native token of .

According to a post from on-chain analytics platform Lookonchain on Jan. HIGHBinance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) to the exchange’s virtual reality and metaverse projects to invest on saying that he would prefer 3x rise lived.

On the other hand, the latest statements made by the developer team about the project are shown as another factor behind the rise. Highstreet team on January 30 made via social media in sharingthe artificial intelligence project of NPCs within the metaverse project Thanks to ChatGPT completely become talkative In addition, important announcements will be made for investors who have the Forever Fomo Duck Squad NFT collection. is on the way explained.

on these developments 1.3 dollars HIGH at levels, Up to 250% in 3 days It has experienced a close rise and reached the level of $ 4.15. HIGH, at the time of writing from $3.81 is being traded.

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