Binance Analysts Evaluated Aptos (APT), which is on the agenda with its rise!

Cryptocurrency The research team of the stock exchange Binance, which has been on the agenda with its rise in recent days, Aptos (APT) altcoin He shared his impressions.

The APT price rose from $ 3.6 in the last 1 month to $ 16.05 at the time of this writing. The altcoin has also surged by as much as 25% in the last 24 hours.

“The APT price chart shows that the coin was stuck around US$3-4 in the first few months of its launch, by January 9 the price started to climb from $4 to above $15 where it is now. This represents a ~275% move in about two weeks. Why did this happen?

First, Aptos hosted the first #AptosMoveMonday event of 2023 on January 9, which roughly coincided with the upward move in $APT price. Co-founders Mo and Avery actively answered many questions throughout the session and discussed many upcoming developments.

Mo and Avery announced their upcoming major community engagements, including the Aptos World Tour, various conferences, and developer meetups. They also discussed the expected developments in 2023 with Aptos.

Aptos NFTs are starting to see increases in both the base price and trading volume as NFT investors begin collecting them to take advantage of early adoption and potential flipping opportunities.

Also, on January 20, Binance announced the launch of two new liquidity pools for Aptos, $APT/BTC and $APT/$USDT. CoinMarketCap data shows that this helped (at least in part) increase the price (56% increase) and trading volume for $APT, increasing 147% (5-day average).”

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