Billionaire CEO Wants to Beat SBF for Loss inflicted on His Company by FTX Bankruptcy

Galaxy Digital CEO, billionaire Mike Novogratz, reiterated how much the FTX debacle hurt his company and admitted that he wanted to beat Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

Novogratz on January 12 to Bloomberg In an interview, he said that in addition to the decline in the crypto money markets, the FTX bankruptcy had a huge impact on the company. negative said it made an impact. CEO, part FTX founder of SBF and Digital Currency Group (DCG) CEO Punch Barry Silbert in the chin to throw He said he wanted it.

CEO directs FTX bankruptcy to Galaxy Digital 80 million He reiterated that he had done a dollar damage, and that a billionaire friend who knew SBF told him about the issue. not to warn in case of company you can do much more damage added. Also, Novogratz said his biggest regret was in early 2022 and just before FTX bankruptcy. no more cash underlined that.

On the other hand, many people in the cryptocurrency market satisfactory profits Emphasizing that the in terms of trust increasingly important stressed that. CEO, 18 months of misery bearable even though will last 4 years no one’s standing at the end of a fall can’t stay told. However, the industry from the future hopeful Novogratz, they will work and despite all the difficulties that they will not give up arguing that they will stand He stated that he believed.

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