Biggest Entry to Crypto Money Funds in the Last 7 Months: Institutions Focused on Bitcoin!

Bitcoin (BTC) rose to $ 23,900, making it the largest net inflow to institutional funds in the cryptocurrency market in the last seven months.

According to data shared on Coinshares’ official blog page Bitcoin 38% As we prepare to end the best January since 2013 with an increase in biggest entry in the last 7 months recorded as. In the published data, almost net login until Introduction to Bitcoin funds was noticed.

Bitcoin funds in total 115.6 million dollar from the short Bitcoin fund while the entry is being observed $6.4 million It was seen that there was a small outflow of money in value.

in 2022 402 Million dollars on the exiting Ethereum (ETH) fund inflows, this week With an input of $2.3 million It continued for the third week in a row.

Solana (SOL), which crashed with the FTX collapse, showed signs of recovery and became the choice of institutional investors. to Solana 1.1 million while entering the dollar 200 to Polygon (MATIC) thousand dollar fund entry seen.

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