Big Bang, the Stage of Those Who Changed the Future, will take place on December 7-8

The countdown has begun for the Big Bang Startup Challenge. The event, which will be held by ITU ARI Teknokent’s Incubation Center on 7-8 December 2022, will host the best entrepreneurs from Turkey and the world. This year, in the event that will be held ‘physically’ after two years after the pandemic; On the first day, TOP 71 startups will make presentations on sectoral vertical stages.

Big Bang will take place on December 7-8

On the second day of the event, TOP 20 initiatives will make their presentations on the stage and the award ceremony will be held. The event will also feature surprise shows and guests for two days. The Big Bang Startup Challenge, where the theme of “Future Changers” will be at the forefront this year, will be held at Uniq Istanbul on December 7-8, 2022.

ITU Çekirdek, one of the top 5 most successful incubation centers in the world, will provide resources to initiatives that develop pioneering, innovative and exemplary solutions with their technologies. Big Bang is expected to bring initiatives together with a great source this year as well. The Big Bang event, which brings together startups from different countries of the world and from all over Turkey, will host technology initiatives that will change the future, which will be talked about a lot this year as well. For detailed information about the event and to register, click here.

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