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According to US media reports, Newsom was able to fend off the vote of no confidence. “I am humble and grateful for the millions and millions of Californians who have exercised their basic voting rights,” he said in his victory speech on Tuesday evening in the state capital Sacramento.

The results could also have influenced next year’s midterm elections when it comes to controlling Congress. The mobilization of one’s own camp through appearances by Biden, predecessor Barack Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris was apparently helpful.

The Republicans had argued that the governor was failing to migrate illegally and that taxes were too high. As an alternative, there were 46 candidates to choose from, including radio host Larry Elder: He denied man-made climate change and defended the police who shot black Americans.

Top managers see disrupted supply chains as one of the greatest risks to growth.

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In the days when globalization was still innocent, the formula for success was simple: the more global, the cheaper, the better. However, Brexit, geopolitical muscle games by the superpowers and the pandemic have brought corporations and states closer to the risk of this system, which simply seemed to perfect the teaching of the old free trader David Ricardo. The current consequence: Shortages in materials and raw materials – an obstacle to growth.

Now corporations are using a “3R” strategy to reorganize their supply chains that have become vulnerable: with redesign, recycling and regionalization. Daimler, for example, wants to “think about the future availability of materials right from the start,” says board member Markus Schäfer. The trade in goods will slow down, comments Gabriel Felbermayr, head of the Institute for the World Economy: “We are experiencing a new globalization.”

Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet: The Union wants to turn the election campaign around with relief.

Part one was the event. In his impressive PR series for the purpose of electoral resurrection, Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet had promised the citizens the light blue of the sky on Monday.

The “emergency program” rocket with tax breaks was detonated. Part two is now handing over the bill. The Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) determined, as matter-of-factly as economists are, a cost volume of ten billion euros.

ZEW researcher Sebastian Siegloch: “The Union’s proposals benefit families. However, they are also costly. ”When the language comes up on the financial viability of such goodies, the Union plans to tax the economic growth that occurs in the event of an election victory. A higher being that we worship must be a party member.

By the way, CDU future team member Friedrich Merz landed the election campaign slogan of the day with “Markus Lanz” yesterday evening: “Annalena Baerbock may come from international law, but it certainly does not come from copyright law.” He will appear today in Stuttgart with Laschet, who will also receive support from Chancellor Angela Merkel in the final phase of the election campaign.

The Union is motivated with the project to catch poll favorite Olaf Scholz after all. This story would be a happy ending for the CDU / CSU in this election campaign of short narratives.

Nothing was known about the past of the 28-year-old journalist Nemi El-Hassan. Now, according to a “Bild” report, we know that she took part in an anti-Israel Al-Quds march in Berlin in 2014 and that a year later, in the video of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, she said that “jihad” had degenerated into a “symbol of misinterpretation” . She considers participating in the demo to be a mistake today, and the jihad statement has again been taken out of context.

Nevertheless, the WDR decided not to let El-Hassan moderate the well-known knowledge program “Quarks” for the time being. “The allegations against her weigh heavily,” explains the broadcaster, “but it also weighs heavily to deny a young journalist a professional development.” Now a “careful examination” is required. Both the WDR and the moderator who was unable to attend declare that they strictly reject anti-Semitism. Incidentally, there are also supposed to be well-known Springer journalists who, in their youth, took part in demonstrations against Axel Springer that were not exactly low in violence and still got the payroll.

In tears, ex-Barcelona star Lionel Messi announced his departure in early August because of the club’s financial problems.

Years ago, FC Barcelona was the elite fraternity of European football. But now in Catalonia you no longer play your opponent dizzy, but get out of balance yourself – athletically as well as economically. Last night, the Spaniards went down 3-0 in the Champions League against FC Bayern Munich, and there are also large gaps in the balance sheet, as our analysis shows.

With the high sales proceeds of 220 million euros for striker Neymar, the club had inflated its own wage structure so much that it ran up almost 1.5 billion euros in debt. Stars like Messi had to leave.

Although sales are still strong at 708 million, the result of minus 100 million is a debacle. “Success in sport often carries the risk of a considerable financial burden because the players demand high salary supplements and bonuses”, analyzes Ludwig Hierl, Professor of External Accounting in Heilbronn. After all, Goldman Sachs is now jumping to the traditional brand with a large loan – the renovation campaign is underway.

Sebastian Schels: “We have a human task ahead of us, one that we finally have to tackle”


Real estate boss Sebastian Schels made his very first party donation – 250,000 euros for the Greens. That makes you an outsider in business. But the 40-year-old, who comes from a traditional entrepreneurial family, is most likely to trust the eco party to take ecological measures to secure the future. He also counters the accusation that the Greens are telling companies: “I’m first and foremost a person, secondly an entrepreneur, and thirdly a real estate entrepreneur.”

At the moment, several tsunamis were rolling towards us, “a natural disaster in slow motion,” he tells our editorial team. Preserving nature is more profitable than destroying it. Schels also calls for radical rethinking for his own industry, today’s “throwaway properties” would prove: “We have forgotten how to build in recent years. Our grandparents and ancestors were still able to circulate and built for generations. ”

And then there is US billionaire Jared Isaacman, 38, a space fan since childhood, who takes off into space on Wednesday evening American local time. As a pilot, he controls the “Dragon” spaceship, which has been chartered for an estimated $ 200 million.

A doctor’s assistant, a geology professor and a father of two who stand in for a friend fly with him. The quartet wants to orbit the earth for three days, that is the “first mission to orbit the earth with only laypersons”, the space company SpaceX cheers about “Inspiration4”.

With the suicide mission, layman Isaacman says he wants to collect money for a children’s hospital in Memphis. After Richard Branson and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, he is the third billionaire to fly as a space tourist is all within a short period of time.

All in all, the gain in knowledge should be small, because we know from Heinrich Heine: “When God is bored in heaven, he opens the window and looks at the boulevards of Paris.”

I wish you an inspiring day, with or without lofty plans.

I warmly greet you
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