Beware of These Altcoin Projects and Airdrops!

The ZK-Proof ecosystem narrative is heating up with Arbitrum’s recent airdrop and altcoin price rallies. MINA Protocol, one of the world’s lightest Blockchains, is exploring the increase in zkApp programmability through an upcoming MINA Improvement Proposal (MIP). Among the tokens in the Zk ecosystem, Polygon (MATIC), ImmutableX (IMX) and Aleph Zero (AZERO) are currently trending with a number of tokens in the pipeline that are likely to announce airdrops.

MINA Protocol prepares for improvements to zkApp

A project that prides itself on being the world’s lightest Blockchain, MINA Protocol is exploring improvements to its network through better zkApp programmability. zkApps are MINA’s smart contracts powered by zk-proff, mainly using off-chain execution and mostly off-chain state model. In its latest tweet, Protocol announced the improvement in zkApps programmability and informed the community about an upcoming proposal to discuss more details of MIP.

With the ZK ecosystem narrative heating up, there are multiple opportunities for market participants to airdrop and liquidity farming.

Why is the ZK ecosystem important for altcoin projects?

Zero Knowledge (ZK) started as a little-known privacy technology and has received massive amounts of funding from the blockchain industry. It has changed the way blockchains scale and centralize, increasing capabilities for users. Token networks like zcash (ZEC) use zk prrofs, and MINA Protocol and Aztek continue to push updates on their zk implementations to the Blockchain. Also, Ethereum scaling solutions augment their capabilities using zkEVMs.

Some of the most obvious use cases of the ZK ecosystem, which provides encryption and security from the visibility of public blockchains, still prevail among crypto developers and market participants. With alternate season narration and Ethereum Layer 2 projects gaining in popularity, crypto traders are watching ZK ecosystem coins and projects for upcoming airdrops.

Hot and upcoming altcoin airdrops to watch

Crypto analyst and YouTuber Miles Deutscher has listed several altcoin projects that are likely to announce their airdrops soon. Airdrop farmers looking for the next project from Optimism (OP) and Arbitrum (ARB) can watch for updates to ZKSync, ScrollZKP, LayerZero and Shardeum.

The analyst notes that the ZKSync developers recently ruled out the possibility of an airdrop, but given that a similar scenario occurred at Arbitrum prior to the ARB airdrop announcement, it’s crucial to keep up with the project’s developmental updates and announcements. ZKSync scales the Ethereum Blockchain with the latest zk technology.

Crypto Twitter experts have compiled a list of posts that participants are likely to include in order to qualify for the SCROLL airdrop after it was announced.

The project is a native zk-Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) Layer 2 scaling solution for ETH. The protocol aims to scale the Ethereum Blockchain and increase cheaper, faster transactions for users. According to Deutscher, LayerZero and Shardeum are two other potential airdrop projects. The expert shared detailed information about the two in the following thread:

Trending ZK altcoins: MATIC, IMX, AZERO

cryptocoin.comAs you follow, when the Bitcoin price rally came to a halt last week, Tier-2 scaling tokens and ZK took the lead among altcoins as the altcoin narrative gained popularity. MATIC, IMX, and AZERO are among the ZK altcoins that earn their holders.

Trending ZK altcoins

With the Bitcoin price regaining the key $28,000 level, the prices of MATIC, IMX and AZERO remained largely unchanged or a decline began. According to analysts, there is a possibility that MATIC, IMX and AZERO will start to recover in the short term as ZK-based Blockchain networks have registered a peak in the volume of bridged capital.

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