Bethesda trying to fix Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Bethesda, Skyrim Anniversary Edition most of them work overtime. The production, which appeared before the players last week, draws attention with its more modernized form. The new version, including the mod makers themselves, could not come out as expected.

Constantly encountering errors Skyrim Anniversary Edition, has also been described as unplayable by some fans. aware of the situation Bethesda He said that progress is being made.

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Update for Skyrim Anniversary Edition is on its way

The studio, which is aware of the fact that some players experience constant freezing, announced that they are trying to find a solution. PS4 The storage error, which is frequently seen in its version, is also among the priorities of the company. The fact that players playing with mods experienced the mistakes that players playing with mods under normal conditions and those who play without mods also annoyed the players.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition

About subject Discord commenting on BethesdaHe said the problems will be resolved. The studio statement stated:

Some PS4 where the players live ‘0kb’ besides the error ‘black screen’ We are aware of the problem. The team is working on a fix for these (it’s taking a little longer than we’d like) and hopes to fix them as soon as possible.

While there is no clear explanation about when the problems will be fixed, BethesdaThere is also the possibility that ‘ will keep the players waiting for a while. The company, which wants to fix the optimization problems as soon as possible, also cooperates with the modders. A higher quality Skyrim Anniversary Edition It has been learned that the studio, which wants to present, will get help from these people while solving the problems.

Firstly in 2011 entering our life Skyrim, year 2021 as of 2nd time version is changing. Earlier Special Edition While going through a major refurbishment with Anniversary Edition assumes this responsibility. However, the fact that the resulting production was faulty and reduced the game experience was also recorded as an annoying development. Skyrim Special Edition offered free to players Anniversary EditionFor those who want to buy additionally 249 TLIt is sold from. It is not known whether we will see newer versions of the production, which has been in our lives for exactly 10 years. But now your fans Elder Scrolls 6It’s a fact that he wants to get louder.

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