Belgian Regulator: Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) Are “Not Securities”

Belgium’s financial regulator stated that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) are not securities.

Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) In a report published on November 22, Bitcoin and Ethereum He argued that cryptocurrencies that do not have any issuer, such as

The sale of digital assets that do not have any issuer is a contract between the issuer and the investor. if not by execution of the agreement then EU law codes of conduct as well as prospectus regulations and laws cannot be valid stated.

On the other hand, the regulator is a digital asset. payment and clearing function He also stated that institutions providing certain services on this digital asset, if any, may be subject to different regulations.

The FSMA said it received many questions about the agency’s stance on the regulation of the digital asset industry and that digital assets under what conditions most frequently occurring securities, including those that may be designated as securities. gray areas He said he hoped to address it. In addition, the regulator considers that the technology used is a financial instrument. in determining the status stated that it should have no effect.

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