Being Awake at Midnight Is Simply Not In Our Nature!

A new study just published has examined why we have different emotions when we stay awake in the middle of the night. The result showed that this situation simply did not fit our nature.

Although most of us like to stay up at night, our brain actually works completely differently during these hours. through decades of research proven. In fact, since your brain is more inclined to make instant decisions at night, shopping platforms have developed and implemented tactics to take advantage of this.

So, how does staying up in the middle of the night affect our health and behavior? New research published in Frontiers in Network Psychology has provided the most up-to-date answer to this question. Scientists our brain evidence of how it behaves differently at night presented it.

Staying awake at night is simply not in our nature:

According to the new hypothesis of scientists, activities that affect our emotions and behaviors occur in the human body and mind for 24 hours. Our brain makes us feel in certain ways at certain times without our being aware of it. Due to our nature, this natural process also at night, activities based on our sleep is formed.

These nighttime activities are actually based on thousands of years of evolution. As a species that can hunt during the day, humans they slept defenselessly at night. But according to scientists, there is no danger during sleep. Our bodies were exposed to negative stimuli in order to be on our guard.

Although these negative stimuli enabled us to wake up in times of danger in the past, they now lead to a different outcome as we are not hunters today. stimulants at night feeds on reward/motivation system and this too It can predispose people to risky behavior. In addition, the sleep loss that comes with staying up at night negatively affects the brain activities that occur naturally during the day.

Moreover, these negative feelings brought about by staying up at night It also affects suicide rates. To prove this, previous research has shown that suicidal tendencies increase 3 times between midnight and 6 am compared to all other times.

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