BBC’s Photo in Vaccine News Creates Controversy

The image used in a vaccine news prepared by BBC News suddenly caused the BBC to be accused of ‘fake news’. So what caused this misunderstanding?

Founded in 1922, the BBC undertook the task of transmitting news to citizens, first in the UK and then all over the world, with its own BBC News. of the world most reliable BBC News, which is seen as one of the news sources, said, “Due to an image used in its news on January 14,”fake news“He was accused of doing it.

The news in question revealed that an Amazon native teenager in Brazil needed his father to be vaccinated against COVID-19. to carry on your back was the subject. In the news, there was a photograph of the young man taken while he was carrying his father. So how did this news become the target of criticism?

Is there (is) the same photo in the news from 2015?

That photo that made the news and caused controversy

The photo in question was searched on Google by a Twitter user and dated 2015 It was alleged that it was used in a BBC news. Users who saw this post said that BBC News Turkey made fake news and “He tricked people into getting vaccinated” suggested.

Upon this situation, both the Twitter account of BBC News and the people who tried to explain the incident began to be lynched. But the thing is actually it was very different. This situation is a small ‘ ‘ made by Google and other search engines.numberIt was nothing more than .

Why do photos of new news appear in old news?

This ‘trick’ made by search engines is actually completely purely for people to use search engines and click on news related to shape. When you search for a photo about a news on the internet, search engines also provide you with related and similar news of the news site or sites where that photo is located. with the same image presents it to you.

That’s why many experts rate the results in their image search as a %.100 we shouldn’t trust strongly emphasizes. The reason why the image in the BBC news is included in another BBC news from 2015 is that both news belong to the BBC and the image is suitable for both topics. The subject of the news in 2015 poverty in brazil While the news dated 2022 is about vaccines. However, since the photo used will be suitable for both subjects, the search engine will not use this image. It is used in both articles.


An Open Letter From Verifiers To YouTube With False Information Spreading

While the BBC has not yet made a statement on the subject, unfortunately, users trying to explain the issue on Twitter said ‘vaccine advocacy‘ They were tried to be lynched for what they did.

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