BBC ‘Suggests’ Employees to Delete TikTok

The UK-based world giant media organization, the BBC, announced in a statement today that it “recommended” its employees to delete TikTok.

in the past weeks USA and Canada, especially EU countriesUnited Kingdom and New Zelanddecided to ban TikTok on the phones of government employees. While governments continue to ban TikTok to employees, now world giant companies have started to ban the Chinese social media giant.

Announcing today BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) “advised” its employees not to use TikTok.

“We don’t ban TikTok, we just suggest you delete it”

According to the BBC’s statement today, the company will calls for the deletion of TikTok from all company phones. “We don’t ban TikTok, we just suggest you delete itThe executives stated that the use of TikTok on personal phones is not prohibited, only the application should be removed from company phones. However, some sources close to the BBC recently reported that TikTok has been used in-house. permanently claims it can be banned all over the BBC.

The BBC, which attaches great importance to security and privacy for the company, states that TikTok may endanger this privacy. In addition, according to BBC officials, many major media outlets have forced their employees to delete TikTok. “to encourage” getting ready.

TikTok officials say the BBC’s fears are unfounded

The TikTok UK spokesperson, who made a statement on the subject, states that the BBC’s concerns and fears are unfounded. “By keeping in touch with the BBC, we strive to correct this misunderstanding and clear any doubts in the minds of BBC officials.” said the spokesperson, urging companies and governments to ban TikTok “a big misunderstanding” evaluates.


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Some sources close to the media industry also confirmed the BBC’s claims. claims that soon many companies may ban TikTok on their devices.

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