BAYC NFTs Base Price Drops To $85K With Ethereum’s 18% Drop

The base price of Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most popular NFT collections in the world, has decreased to 85 thousand dollars.

Following the decline of the cryptocurrency market, the base price of NFTs has also decreased. Ethereum, which determines the price of most NFT collections in 24 hours 18% experiencing a decline 1220 fell to the dollar.

in the past months to 153 Ether up to of BAYC The base price is approximately equal to the Ethereum price of that period. 420 thousand had risen to $.

Now the base price of the BAYC NFT collection is in Ether. up to 69 While the price of Ethereum has fallen, the fall of the Ethereum price causes it to be traded at almost a quarter of its highest level.

Not only BAYC, but also CryptoPunk, one of the most popular NFT collections, has experienced a very low base price. Buying a CryptoPunk NFT in March 2022 When it’s over $200,000 at the moment 70 thousand dollars can be purchased.

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