“Battlefield 2042”: New Trailer Reveals Next “Battlefield” Part – Game News

Mass battles with 128 players at the same time, huge playing cards and a dystopian future scenario in which mankind is fighting for the last resources in the year 2042: game developer Dice and publisher Electronic Arts have presented the next part of the “Battlefield” series called “Battlefield 2042”.

In addition to a first trailer, there was also a lot of information about the new shooter from the Swedish development studio Dice.

Up to 128 players should be able to compete against each other on the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X / S anyway on the PC. On the older consoles PS4 and Xbox One, for which the title also appears, it is the classic 64 players.

Unlike the last parts, which took place in the First and Second World Wars, “Battlefield 2042” is going into the near future: The climate crisis has thrown the world into chaos, the players fight as mercenaries battles for important resources. Dice saved himself a single player campaign this time: The focus is on multiplayer. If you still want to play alone, you can do so against computer opponents.

In addition, the class system has been revised: In the future, players will be able to fall back on so-called specialists, who each go into battle with their own gadgets and skills.

► “Battlefield 2042” should appear on October 22nd.