Barcelona and Manchester City Suspend Cryptocurrency Deals!

With the crypto money industry becoming active in the field of sports, world football giants FC Barcelona and Manchester City, which issue their own fan tokens, announced that they have stopped their crypto partnerships.

FC Barcelona, ​​the second most valuable football club in the world, announced last month that it has partnered with crypto firm Ownix ​​to provide an NFT of photos and videos covering the club’s 122-year history.

However, after the arrest of “Moshe Hogeg”, who has ties to the Ownix ​​company, on charges of fraud and attack involving cryptocurrencies, the Barcelona club, which ended its partnership with the company, made a statement on its website.

“In light of the information received today and contrary to the values ​​of the club, FC Barcelona informs that the contract with Ownix ​​to create and market NFT digital assets has been terminated.”

Although the lawyer of Moshe Hogeg, owner of Israeli team Beitar Jerusalem, denied the allegations about Hogeg, the Barcelona club terminated his contract with Ownix.

Manchester City Suspends Its Agreement With The Ghost Company!

English Premier League team Manchester City announced last week that it has signed a sponsorship deal with a new cryptocurrency company, “3Key Technologies”.

Claims have been made that there is no company called 3Key Technologies, which advertises itself as a “decentralized financial trade analysis and consulting technology company”.

Some of the company executives, whose names are known only, have not been interviewed face-to-face, so it is unclear who they are. When Manchester City executives investigated the company, about which there was no tangible information, it was understood that “3Key Technologies” was not registered anywhere and did not have any address.

In addition, as a result of the research, it was revealed that none of the “3KEY” managers had a digital presence.

As a result of these allegations and investigations, the English football club announced that the agreement with 3Key has not been realized yet and the partnership has been suspended.

“Judging from the club’s investigations into 3Key Technologies in recent days, Manchester City is currently conducting further investigations into 3Key Technologies and the partnership is on hold until all such investigations are satisfactorily resolved.”

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