Bank Refuses to Pay Teacher Who Earned $320K From Bitcoin!

Cryptocurrency investments made on time can provide investors with unimaginable returns. The Bitcoin investment that the Israeli retired teacher made years ago made him a millionaire.

Israeli teacher Esther Freeman decided to enter the cryptocurrency market by investing $3,000 in Bitcoin 8 years ago.

Years later, after his investment in Bitcoin reached $324,000, he wanted to withdraw his money. However, Hapoalim Bank, one of the largest banks in the country, refused to deposit the amount deposited years ago and transferred from the cryptocurrency platform in cash.

The bank explained that the initial investment source of the transferred money could not be determined, and that it did not accept it on the grounds that it may have a connection with illegal financial operations.

Esther Freeman continued, saying that despite being 69 years old, she is young in spirit and her younger relatives were instrumental in her decision to invest in crypto:

“I listened to my son and my nephews. I said that I would invest in crypto without any knowledge of the subject and in the true innocence of an ordinary citizen. I never thought $3,000 would be $324,000.”

The Israeli woman sued the bank, saying she had been a customer of Hapoalim Bank for years and needed this money.

“I have no money anywhere but Hapoalim Bank. It sees my bank account transactions. He knows I don’t launder money or do business outside the bank. I am retired. All four of my children have bank accounts. I need this money to help one of my children buy an apartment.”

Freeman’s lawyer, Shaul Zioni, on the other hand, stated that his client Freeman keeps the Bitcoin that he has received over the years in various digital wallets where no other transactions are made.

*Not investment advice.

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