Balenciaga Introduces Fortnite Collection

Fortnite, which has millions of players worldwide, cooperated with Balenciaga. With the cooperation of the two companies, clothes that can be bought in-game and in real life were shown. If you’ve ever wondered what a $1,000 shirt would look like, here’s how.

Battle-royale game that hosts millions of players instantly Fortnite, for a while Epic Games and apple was on our agenda with the case between Now we are here with the fruits of a new cooperation. Fortnite collaborated with a world-famous luxury clothing brand to share the clothes that will be available in the new game and in real life.

based in Spain Balenciaga We often see the costumes of Fortnite, which has made this cooperation with the company, in the game. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for the products introduced with Balenciaga.

This is not what comes to mind when we think of a $1,000 shirt:

The plain white shirt you see above is exactly 1000 dollars It has a price tag. “It’s not all white, it’s on Fortnite and Balenciaga he is writingYou may say. Don’t say.

Fortnite - Balenciaga

If this is the hat you see from $395 selling. The Fortnite logo on it and written in different languages Retail Row Whether it’s worth the price is up to you.

Fortnite - Balenciaga

If you want to buy this hoodie with Fortnite and Balenciaga logos on it, you can get it from your pocket. 725 dollars will have to go. It is known whether it will stay clean for a long time after taking it. If you get it, remember to wash it with whites.

Fortnite - Balenciaga

This black shirt 995 dollars You’re going to have to sit down and think long and hard about whether you love it enough to give it away. Since this will be a very difficult decision PlayStation 5 for around $500 It should be reminded at this point that

Fortnite - Balenciaga

You have to sit crooked and talk straight, this jacket looks pretty good. But $1,300 Whether it’s good enough is debatable.

In-game content:

Fortnite - Balenciaga

If you do not receive money for the above products, content in-game. you can browse. In the photo above, in real life up to 900 dollars You can see bags that can come out.

Fortnite - Balenciaga


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Apart from that, again inspired by Balenciaga new pickaxes, new weapon skins, a new glider and a new expressionwill be waiting for you in the game. You can share your thoughts about the clothes and their prices in the comments section.

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