Baldur’s Gate Comes to Xbox: Here’s the Price

RPG Baldur’s Gate, which won 6 awards including “Game of the Year” at The Game Awards, is finally available for Xbox consoles after months of waiting.

Developed by Larian Studios Baldur’s Gate 3, It was officially launched in August. The production, which has a rich story in the RPG genre, achieved great success in a short time and became one of the favorites of the players. So much so that it crowned this success with six awards, including “Game of the Year”, “Best Multiplayer Game” and “Best RPG” at The Game Awards held last night.


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Baldur’s Gate 3 was released for PC as early access in August. It came for PlayStation 5 in September. Xbox players were waiting for the release of the game. Today the awaited day has finally arrived and the game on xbox was also published.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for sale on Xbox for 1,300 TL

Gamers can currently access the game on Xbox. When we look at the price of the game standard version From 1.300 TL We see that it is offered for sale. Deluxe version is 1,450 TL selling. Let’s add that the game was sold for 1,250 TL on PlayStation and for $ 34.99 (1,013.79 TL) on Steam.

Larian Studios releases Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate 3 A technical problem in Series S It was postponed due to In its statement in July, the company stated that they could not remove the split screen feature and said that they were working on the issue. In August, they met with Xbox boss Phil Spencer and announced that they had reached a solution that ensured that this feature would be supported on Series X but not on Series S.

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