Bad news from HBO Max, which is preparing to enter the Turkish market!

Digital content platforms have been doing important work in Turkey lately. In addition to many of Netflix’s projects, Disney+ has also entered our country’s market and additionally produces original productions in Turkey. Another important name expected to enter our country was HBO Max. However, the company has bad news for Turkey.

HBO Max has stopped the original productions it was preparing to make in Turkey

HBO, which has created an important fan base with the productions it has produced, has accelerated its attempts to expand its borders. The HBO Max platform is expected to come to our country soon. However, the company has decided to reduce its budget for a limited period.

Disney+ vs Netflix! Which is better?

The number of digital video streaming platforms operating in our country is increasing. So who is the Disney+ vs Netflix winner?

Warner Bros. and Discovery’s merger, the new company is suffering from short-term pains of this partnership. Warner Bros., owner of HBO Max. Discovery wants to fix some of the economic problems created by the partnership with $3 billion in cost savings. Of course, this situation is also reflected in the productions of the platform.


The company decided to stop original productions in some European countries, including Turkey. Central Europe, Netherlands and Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland All projects planned to be carried out in their countries have been suspended for the time being. Statement by Warner Bros. A Discovery spokesperson said:

In addition to stopping our original programming work for HBO Max in Northern and Central Europe, we’ve decided to remove a limited amount of original programming from HBO Max. We also stopped our new development activities that we started last year in the new regions of the Netherlands and Turkey.


The long-term statement continued with the words “Our commitment to these markets has not changed”. So much so that how long this situation will last and whether the projects will continue in the future are a matter of curiosity. The company states that the troublesome process is temporary.

How do you find HBO Max content? Do you subscribe when it comes to the Turkish market? Please share your views with us in the comments section.

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