Bad news for those waiting for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra!

The successor to the Galaxy Tab S7 series Galaxy Tab S8 According to rumors, it would be released in 2021. However, the expected did not happen yet, the South Korean company did not update the Tab S family this year. Samsung did not confirm it personally, but one of the main factors in this delay was the COVID-19 that affected the whole world. chip shortage is presumed to be.

The high-end model of the Galaxy Tab S8 series Tab S8 Ultra it will be. 14.6 inch OLED screen and 11,500mAh battery the leaked tablet 8/12GB RAM + 128/256GB storage combinations are expected. The Tab S8 Ultra, which will be powered by the Exynos 2200 chipset with AMD GPU, will not look for computers with its performance. Bad news for those waiting for this tablet.

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Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra production problems

According to SamMobile’s report, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. limited edition will produce. It will be offered for sale in certain markets in the first place. Also when out of stock will not resume production for a while will not produce large volumes. It is thought that the company was affected by the chip crisis and therefore pushed the Tab S8 Ultra into the background, but the situation is a little different.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be delayed
Photo: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Allegedly, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra related to screen production is having problems. The main factor underlying these problems is that the price of the panel used in the device is expensive. High production cost The aforementioned nuisance, which resulted in the issue, raises concerns that the sales of the tablet will be as Samsung expects. Therefore, the company will bring the device to a limited number of countries in the first place.

Unless Samsung can fix problems in the manufacturing process Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Stock will be limited. We don’t know yet if it will go on sale in our country. However, even if it comes out, you can buy the device if you want. You may not receive it. It is among the estimates that the Galaxy Tab S8 series will be introduced in February 2022 together with the Galaxy S22 family. The new member of the Fan Edition series, the Galaxy S21 FE, is said to be on sale in January.

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