Bad news came from Suicide Squad!

Warner Media, Suicide Squad video game 2023 announced that it was postponed until the next year. In addition, the company has faced the decision to postpone many big game projects before. Harry Potter, Batman and Star Wars‘Fame LEGO game 2021 was planned for the year. However, the pandemic and various development challenges have pushed these productions to a later date.

Warner Bros. at first Suicide Squad of your game 2022 He announced that he will appear in front of the players in the year. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Jason Kilar, He made a statement on Twitter last week. At this point in 2022 Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham KnightsHe also stated that the highly anticipated games will come. Suicide Squad was specifically excluded. Warner did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

New Suicide Squad arrives with age limit

The age limit has been determined for the new Suicide Squad movie, which is scheduled to be released this year. Accordingly, the production will take its place in the vision with the age limit of +18.

Rocksteady Studios developing game after long hiatus

announced in 2020 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady StudiosIt’s coming as the next game of . London-based Rocksteady Arkham Series Batman He is known for his games. In addition, his productions are generally positively received by critics. This is an important factor in its recognition.


Gotham Knights has high expectations

rocksteadyIt’s been a long time since ‘s released a new game. company endgame June 2015in Batman: Arkham Knight published under the name. Since then, there has been a production expectation among the players. That’s why too Gotham Knights There was excitement when it was first announced.

rocksteadyWe will see in the future whether it will fulfill the expectation above. Especially after a long hiatus Gotham Knights He has great expectations for his game.

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