Average Meat Consumption of Asian Countries Compared

Meat consumption per capita in Asian countries was investigated. According to the research, the amount of meat per capita in Turkey was recorded as 39 kilograms. Hong Kong had the highest meat consumption across the continent, while India had the lowest amount.

public research firm called Landgeist, Examining the average meat consumption of Asian countries did a research. Including Turkey in this research, the company achieved striking results. According to the research, in terms of average meat consumption, We are neither good nor bad among Asian countries. However, there are countries in the continent that are in a much worse situation than Turkey.

According to the research done The country with the lowest meat consumption in the world and the country with the highest meat consumption are both in Asia.. In this context, Landgeist, who recognized Hong Kong as an independent country, declared this region as the most meat-consuming region in Asia and even in the world. According to the study, Hong Kongers, on average, 124 kilograms they eat meat.

Here are the meat consumption statistics on the Asian continent

According to Landgeist’s research, Hong Kong weighs 104 kilograms. Macau (again, one of the autonomous regions of China) and with 98 kilograms Israel following. Respectively Mongolia, Taiwan, Russia, South Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Vietnamese and Kazakhistanare the countries that consume the most meat in the Asian continent. In Turkey per capita meat consumption 39 kilograms has been recorded as.


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According to research India and Bangladeshcountries with the lowest meat per capita. So much so that there is only 4 kilograms of meat per person in these countries. Sri Lanka7 kilograms in Afghanistanat 10 kilograms, Cambodia12 kilograms in North KoreaThe amount of meat per person, which is 13 kilograms, in TajikistanIn Turkey, it is recorded as 14 kilograms.