Autonomous Vehicle Concept from Volkswagen: GEN.TRAVEL

Volkswagen has announced the concept vehicle GEN.TRAVEL. In addition to being electric, the vehicle, which has a steering-free structure, also draws attention with its strange design. Here are the features and unique design of Volkswagen GEN.TRAVEL…

German auto giant Volkswagen, introduced a new concept car with a blog post it published. Named “GEN.TRAVEL”, this concept vehicle sits between sedans and MPVs and has a Volkswagen design language that we haven’t gotten used to until today. “The test of innovationThe concept prepared for ” may appear in a producible version in the coming years.

GEN.TRAVEL has a rather strange design. Looking at the vehicle from the outside, obviously we don’t compare to anything. Because the lines of this vehicle are unusual. If you need to talk about; The first thing that welcomes us in the design details is that the ceiling partition appears to be in two parts. Apart from that, it looks like the angular letter c. to thin headlights On the back of the vehicle, which has a three-piece lighting, we encounter.

Introducing Volkswagen GEN.TRAVEL

Volkswagen GEN.TRAVEL has a wing door design and has a different feel. This overhead doorsseems to have made it easier to reach the interior of the vehicle. So why could Volkswagen have thought of such a thing?

Volkswagen concept

Volkswagen’s concept car without steering wheel has a structure. The company, which prefers the 5th level autonomous driving system instead, has tried to make the interior design a living space. This reveals why Volkswagen preferred the wing design. With this preference, passengers cabinet entry made easy.


Volkswagen GEN.TRAVEL, eABC Equipped with a suspension system. According to the company, this AI-powered system monitors acceleration, braking, wheel rotation and everything else related to driving dynamics to ensure maximum comfort. calculating in advance. Moreover, in this way, the range is increased to the maximum level. According to Volkswagen, GEN.TRAVEL is more than a standard car. much more to range Will have.


In the statements made by Volkswagen, technical details of GEN.TRAVEL not disclosed. This is because of an event that the company will hold on September 24 (tomorrow). At this event, the company level 5 will introduce the autonomous driving system. This presentation will most likely reveal the details of the engine, battery and other powertrains used in GEN.TRAVEL.

Volkswagen Group

Let’s talk about the last two issues about Volkswagen’s concept vehicle. We would like to inform our careful readers that the Volkswagen logo is on this vehicle. not used they may have noticed. There is a reason for this. GEN.TRAVEL is a vehicle that covers not only Volkswagen but all brands within Volkswagen. That’s why the phrase “Volkswagen Group” is used on the front and rear. And even if this vehicle goes into mass production one day, you will not be able to buy. This is because Volkswagen did not manufacture GEN.TRAVEL for individual use. The company wants this vehicle to be used as an autonomous taxi with services such as UBER.

Promotional video for Volkswagen GEN.TRAVEL


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